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YOU may need privacy in setting up your blog.

01. You can create yourself a new anonimised 'e'Mail address at this address - Just CLICK HERE
~ A. When you reach the new web site go to the base of the page and press the button and this gives the opportunity to create a new 'e'Mail address and you can send and receive from your new 'e'Mail facility on line.

02. You can then go to CLICK HERE this takes you to Google's Blogspot where you can create a new Blog of your own with the name StolenKids-?????? where the ???s are YOUR choice.

03. You have now created your own StolenKids-???? Blog hosted and created FREE of charge by Google in America!

Good luck with YOUR Blog and your efforts to obtain or give help relative to problems with Social Services, Council interference, Police abuse, Family Court bullying and abuse.

Should you wish to take another route to anonimity, for when browsing the internet and to avoid 'cookie tracking' etc. you may find the services provided if you CLICK HERE

It is at no time our intention to assist or support those involved in abuse, be that physical, sexual, psyciatric or medical.

Our aims are to protect families and children from the gross abuses of the State, Institutions and the church of which there are so very many examples from the sequential sodomy and rape by children in care by Blair, Brown & Mandelson's associate Mark Trotter of Hackney Council or Anthony Charles Lynton Blair's constituency chairman, political agent and personal friend Martyn Locklin who was sentenced to 15 years for the rape of boys in his care, also Phillip Lyon his close aid who was inprisonned for child porn.

It is worth noting that 42% of under age prostitutes are in care! Then consider Kincorra Boys School and the institutionalised abuse. The sexual abuse of boys at Queen Victoria Boys School, Dunblane. The corruption of The Inquiry into The Tragedy at Dunblane by Lord Cullen in his concealing 26 shelf feet of documentary evidence. The Waterhouse Report: 'Lost in Care' which exposed the institutionalised abuse of children in care in Wales. Just the tip of the iceberg!

Do not fear naming and shaming the state and institutional employees involved in abuse but make sure you have the FACTS to back your claims and where possible post it on your StolenKids-???? blog.

High on that list of those to name and shame must surely be:
Harriet Harman who seeks to legalise child pornography, lowering the age of consent to 14, incest and including convicted paedophiles in committee discussion, for details CLICK HERE.

The aim is Justice and the removal of secrecy which is clearly there in many cases to protect the crimes of the courts, police, Social Services and Councils.

Greg L-W.

'Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable - expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name!
No child asked to be or enjoys abuse,
it is for the gratification of the inadequate'.
To understand the Concept & Services of
Stolen????- where you can help yourself and others:

StolenKids- 4 Those losing kids due to 'authorities' ie Forced Adoption & Care!
Or perhaps more suited to YOUR needs:
StolenChildhood- 4 those facing abuse past or present sexual or other!
StolenTrust- 4 those where or have suffered abuse within a relationship!
StolenOyster- 4 those who have been abused or raped by a stranger or stalker
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  1. My dad was from Aberdeen and although i have lived most of my life in the channel islands have always thought of Scotland as my ancestral home I am so saddened by this miscarage of justice but sadley i am not suprised by it
    We in Jersey are going through the same kind of injustice there are many victims of abuse that are beeing abused all over again by the people that are sapposed to be protecting them
    I posted the link to this blog on X senator Stuart Syvrets blog he posted it within five minutes

  2. Hi,

    thank you for your help.

    Be VERY carefull of the Hollie Greig case - I have been very involved as the 'STORY' has rolled out.

    Read StolenKids-Hollie (its a click in the sidebar) - when you have read the evidence, that is febrile at best, and studied the facts then draw your own conclussions.

    The level of dishonesty, defamation, abuse and bullying by those trying to promote 'THE STORY' bring nothing but disrepute to their cause.

    It has drawn some truelly vile people to the cause.

    I no longer believe the 'STORY' and I believe based on the documentation and the facts as available that this entire 'STORY' is exploitation of a woman with a mental age of 3.1/2 with a hate filled and unstable mother.

    YOU must study the facts and draw your own conclusions.


  3. Hi Dude ,

    thank you for your help. i like your post

    Be VERY care full of the Hollie Greig case - I have been very involved as the 'STORY' has rolled out.

    Call your family

  4. great work i like your article.

    angels and demons